Stop Hustling | TSMP #051

You Need To Stop Hustling, TODAY!

If you want true freedom in your life and entertainment career, you have to stop hustling because it simply doesn’t work.


In this episode, Aidan & Ashley will be exploring the common misunderstandings about ‘hustle culture’ and what it means to escape the trap of hustle-mentality and accelerate your business. 


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Discussed In This Episode:

  • Our Opinion On ‘Hustle Culture’ [00:19]
  • What Ashley Learned When He Hustled [04:13]
  • Exploring Aidan’s ‘Action-Delusion’ Model [10:38]
  • The Bannister Effect In Ashley’s Career [12:20]
  • The Two Major Elements Stopping You From Making Progress [19:12]
  • How To Prevent ‘Analysis Paralysis’ [22:38]
  • The Power Of Stopping [26:59]
  • Systems Will Save You [34:10]

Aidan's 'Action-Delusion' Model

If you’re stuck doing the work but failing to make progress, this is likely the situation you will find yourself in.

The yellow cross resembles your current position in your entertainment business..


With hustle-mentality, you’re likely trapped between your mindset and your business skill, with one and/or the other holding you back from success.


When you see little to no progress, you can quickly descent into burnout or ascend to a level of ‘analysis-paralysis’ which can be devastating on your entertainment career.


Listen in to the episode for more information about how to escape this issue and transform your entertainment career.

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