David Williamson | #120

In this episode, David joins Ashley to talk about his magical journey and divulges the secret to the longevity of his career.

How To Build A Sustainable And Long-Lasting Career

David Williamson is a professional sleight-of-hand artist, magician, and author. Genii magazine called him “an exceptional stage performer” and “a magician who changed the way we do magic.” He was named Magician of the Year in 2017 by the Academy of the Magical Arts, and was named an Honorary Member of prestigious British association The Magic Circle.


He wrote a book about his magic act, Williamson’s Wonders, with Richard Kaufman. In the 2000s, he performed regularly for Disney Cruise Lines. His zany comedic style often overshadows his superhuman skill with sleights. He is responsible for some of the most offbeat, clever material created in the last thirty years.


He played the ringmaster in the touring Broadway show Circus 1903, and performed with touring production The Illusionists. He also teaches magic to enthusiasts of all ages through Sleight School.


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Discussed In This Episode:

  • [01:00] The Beginning Of David’s Magic Journey
  • [07:45] The Story Of ‘Rocky Racoon’
  • [08:45] How To Start Monetising Your Passion
  • [11:50] Steps To Craft A Sustainable Career In Magic
  • [17:00] The Power Of Not Having A Backup Plan
  • [19:05] Amateur vs. Professional Magicians
  • [22:30] What Is Sleight School?
  • [25:40] Importance Of Hobbies Outside Of Magic
  • [30:20] The Secret Behind David’s Fascinating Performances
  • [34:30] David’s Foray Into Comedy Magic
  • [40:00] Behind-The-Scenes Of A Busy Performer’s Life
  • [50:20] Final Message From David Williamson

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