Planning For A Recession | #122

Ashley shares the behind the scenes of how he manages the money in his business and shares some clever ways to plan ahead for a recession.

Discussing The Ways To Adapt Your Business Through A Recession

The cost of living is increasing and it’s becoming harder for people all around the world to live their usual lives.


Planning events and booking entertainers aren’t the priority when it’s hard to pay the bills.


This means there’s some potentially turbulent times ahead for us entertainers…


That’s why in this episode Ashley shares some simple money management tips and clever little ways to make sure you have a strong and stable income during these turbulent times.


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Discussed In This Episode:

  • [02:00] Event Budgets

  • [04:32] Plan For The Future

  • [07:00] Ashley’s Method To Always Be Prepared For A Worse Case Scenario

  • [11:15] Save For That Rainy Day

  • [14:16] Make Yourself VALUABLE With MOMENTUM

  • [15:45] Make an Impact With Every Pitch!

  • [17:40] Be Proactive For Your Future Self

  • [19:10] Building A Reserve

  • [21:08] Residencies – Hospitality Needs You!

  • [25:12] Final Advice

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