Learn The Counterintuitive 3-Stage Approach To Building A Thriving Career In Entertainment Without Hustling, Burning Out Or Wasting Money On Paid Ads

Learn The Counterintuitive 3-Stage Approach
To Building A Thriving Career In Entertainment Without Hustling, Burning Out Or
Wasting Money On Paid Ads

(From A Fellow Working Performer)

Does Any Of This Ring A Bell?...

  • You love performing but the important ‘business’ stuff feels like a minefield.
  • You’re doing some gigs but you’re afraid of charging more money for them.
  • You’ve got a dream of going ‘full time’ with entertainment but that feels like an impossible goal right now.
  • You’ve started to learn a little bit about ‘sales and marketing’ but quickly realised that everything works differently for us entertainers.
  • You’ve been dabbling with gigs on your own but you find yourself treading water and just can’t seem to get the momentum you need to make it all worthwhile.

We know what that feels like, so we found a solution…

Take The Guesswork
Out Of Your Entertainment Business


MOMENTUM is changing the game for entertainers that want to build a sustainable career, without wasting their time and money on the stuff that doesn’t matter.


It’s about streamlining your magic business so you can focus LESS on the business and MORE on the fun stuff that you actually enjoy.


Everything inside MOMENTUM will help you stand out from the competition, charge a premium for your magic, generate consistent high-quality leads and effortlessly turn them into paid gigs – so that you can actually make your impossible dream of a magic career, real.


Plus you’ll become an immensely valuable part of the ‘No-BS’ movement that is taking the industry by storm.

Most Entertainers Struggle
With These 3 Things:

Which is why we’re going to tackle them together in 3 simple stages…

STAGE 1 - Desirable Offers

You can’t stand out, charge more or market yourself properly without a collection of high-value entertainment packages.


That’s why we’ll tackle this first.


You are way more valuable than just ‘doing some entertainment’ so we’ll get you super clear on the value you bring to your clients and structure that into a collection of desirable entertainment packages that you can confidently charge at least £500+ for.


(In fact, our current clients BOTTOM packages are worth £850+, on average)

STAGE 2 - Consistent Leads

Without consistent leads coming in, you don’t have a business.


(You’ve just got a really expensive hobby!)


Ignore websites, business cards, cold calls and ads – you don’t need any of that.


Instead, we’ll work on leveraging your existing network (both online AND offline) to strategically connect with the right people looking for your kind of entertainment.


You’ll have my complete frameworks and systems to build powerful relationships fast, even if you struggle in social situations (like me).


Plus, you’ll get our complete psychologically enhanced content calendar so that you can start sharing highly engaging content online that gets you leads every day and gigs every week.

STAGE 3 - Effortless Sales

Unless you’re already a pro, ‘sales’ probably feels icky and uncomfortable, right?


We’ll give you our complete Discovery Call system to booking simple video calls with your prospects that actually get you booked.


The best part?


There’s no selling on that call. It’s just a simple conversation that’ll get your prospects excited to book you.


And because following-up is so important… we’ll give you the complete framework for that too.


We call it the Client Confirmation System™ and it will stop you from being ghosted by your prospects after your Discovery Call.


We’ll show you exactly what to send, where to send it and how often to follow up in a way that doesn’t feel spammy or annoying.


This is the stuff that will book you gigs on autopilot.

Here's The Truth...

“I didn’t build MOMENTUM so I could flog it to you… I needed it myself.


I didn’t have access to business resources specifically for entertainers. I didn’t know what I needed to do to become a full time magician.


With a lot of trial and error over the years I eventually managed to put together my own systems to help book me gigs at the fee I wanted.


Not only am I now a busy full time performer with over a decades worth of experience, but I’m also on a massive mission to improve the quality of life for all entertainers across the globe.


I’ve released over 170+ podcast episodes on our show, The Gig Hero, over the last 2 years to help entertainers, just like you, build a successful career from your craft.”


– Ashley Green (Founder Of The Gig Hero)

Our MOMENTUM Clients Get Instant Access To...

The Complete MOMENTUM Programme (Binge-Mode)

Instead of wasting hours watching tedious webinar replays, you’ll have access to the full programme, completely unlocked so you can rip through the content at your own pace.


The content has been carefully designed to be taught in quick bursts that use stories, models and images to help the lessons sink in faster and appeal to your exact learning style.


We’ve made it really easy to fit the programme around your busy schedule so that you can rapidly build a thriving business in just a fraction of the time it would take to do it on your own.

Downloadable ‘Fill-In-The-Blanks’ PDF Worksheets

We hate courses that give you hours of homework and a massive ‘To-Do List’ at the end of each video.


That sucks and you don’t have time for that.


Instead, using the worksheets you’ll have fast-action tasks that build on top of each other so that you can actually finish each video with a ‘To-DONE’ list which means that you can spend more time doing the things you’re most passionate about instead.

Weekly Group Coaching Calls

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “You are the product of the 5 people you spend the most time with”and it’s true.


That’s why, every week, all of the MOMENTUM members hop on Zoom to share their wins, ask their questions and get coached to clarity so they can move forwards in their business. And you’ll be one of them.


Now you’ll be able to grow your entertainment business without being stuck ‘going at it alone’ or waiting for ages and paying extra for additional 1-1 support sessions whenever you need the help. We’re with you every single week.

Dedicated App & MOMENTUM Community

Whether you’re between gigs, out and about or just away from your desktop, we’ve got you covered.


All of the MOMENTUM content is hosted inside our private downloadable app which means that you can study on the go and still get the latest updates without ever missing a thing.


Pair that with our exclusive Members-Only Community, you’ll be able to ask the right questions to the right people without getting useless ‘opinions’ like you would in an open Facebook Group.


Now, you’ll be able to build your business wherever you are, without feeling like you’re stuck on your own or ‘disconnected’ from our hands-on and supportive community.

Additional Trainings
& Resources

We’re always improving the MOMENTUM programme. Every month, the programme is growing with new video trainings and extra resources being added to help you get better results, faster.


The best part? It’s all FREE.


Once you’re inside, you’ll have made a secure and growing investment in yourself and your business that will open the doors to new opportunities that you could have only ever dreamed of.

Exclusive Battle Plan Audit

You already know that by joining us inside MOMENTUM, you’re probably going to have to make some pretty significant changes to your current business – and that can be scary.


After this 40 minute 1-1 session with a MOMENTUM coach, you’ll have unlocked pristine clarity over your immediate action steps so that you can save time, money and resources by focusing on the stuff that really matters.

Lifetime Access To Thrive Club!

Save yourself over £700 per year. As a member of of MOMENTUM you’ll get free lifetime access to Thrive Club, our monthly business membership (normally £60 per month).


As a lifetime member you’ll receive access to monthly business lectures, and extra live events such as Office Open Hours and Get Sh*t Done Hour.


You’ll also have access to our business archives with lectures, trainings, and Q&A sessions from Andy Nyman, Colin Cloud, Felippe Nardi, Ken Dyne & Caroline Ravn

Oh, and one more thing…

You get all of that, FOR LIFE!

Unlike most course-creators out there, we want to see you actually succeed.


And we know that your business is a marathon, not a sprint which is why we’ll be helping you to implement what you need, when you need it rather than losing focus or rushing to meet a deadline.


We’re committed to your growth and your dream of building a thriving and sustainable career in magic, without sacrificing your personal life in the process.

The question is... ARE YOU?

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

Here Is What Our Clients Have To Say:

MOMENTUM works in almost all service-based businesses and is specifically usable for the serious entertainer. I didn’t think it would work for me but now I’m much more relaxed and I know exactly what steps to follow on a daily basis to get the gigs I’m looking for. Thinking about joining MOMENTUM?... You know you want it! 😉
Marcus Aleister
Berlin, Germany
MOMENTUM was probably the best decision I’ve made about my business. I’m not very business savvy and before I joined, I was on gig-listing sites and trying stuff on my own. I was a mess. I couldn’t find clients, convert them and mindset was all over the place but now that I’m inside MOMENTUM, I finally get to call it a business.
Gordon Belleufille
Dekalb, IL
Before MOMENTUM, I was struggling to get any gigs and I was charging a lot less money for the gigs I was doing. I wasn’t sure if it would work for me, but since joining I’ve been able to give up my day job and go full-time magic. If you’re considering joining, it’s 100% worth it and you’re in good hands, trust me.
Angus Baskerville
Stratford Upon Avon, UK

BONUS: How To Put On Profitable Ticketed Events That Build Your Reputation And Get You Consistent High-Paying Private Bookings (Even When It’s During An ‘Off-Season’)

That’s right… 


As a FREE bonus, we’ll even give you our complete 2 hour and 35 minute, ‘Selling The Stage’ masterclass…


That reveals the EXACT process that has been used to completely sell out ticketed shows in less than 24hrs.


(Even during the ‘post-festive season lull’ and when people were still on edge about going after the ‘Big C’…)


Full disclosure, your results may vary, but we know this stuff works.


Here’s a fraction of what you’ll be getting:


  • The 3 major elements that will make (or break) your ticket sales whether you’re good at ‘marketing’ or not. (When you line these 3 things up, you’ll create massive demand for your show and selling tickets will feel like a walk in the park) [7:21]


  • How to find the RIGHT venues so that it’s not complicated, confusing or costing you a bomb in ticket-splits or hire costs. [53:17]


  • Aidan O’Sullivan’s Complete Launch Calendar that sells out shows in as little as 24 hours, or less! (It’s nothing like the ‘gurus’ are preaching – but it’s so much more powerful) [2:05:10]


  • 5 deceptively simple methods to earning more cash from each and every event you host. (Without overpricing and underdelivering the experience for your ticket-holders) [1:16:49]


  • Exactly what NOT to say in your promo copy. (Most entertainers write descriptions of their show that they think is cool but actually ends up slaughtering their ticket sales) [46:52]


  • What you absolutely MUST do if you’re promoting your show on Social Media (Forget about posting tricks and sharing the link to the ticket page – this is the stuff that will create a surge of demand and a flurry of ticket sales, without you ever being ‘salesy’ in the process) [1:20:44]


  • How to fill your calendar with high-paying private bookings without pitching or looking desperate. (In fact, just ONE of the techniques shared here is that powerful, we’ve previously sold it separately for over $100 itself) [2:11:18]


Here’s the thing…

We know that a lot of entertainers have a dream of putting on their own stage show or are currently hosting ticketed virtual events which is why we’re including this masterclass.

Using the skills and lessons you’ll learn here and inside the MOMENTUM programme, you’ll be able to craft sell-out shows yourself at ANY time you want to host them.



Here’s How To Get Instant Access Today:

We know that MOMENTUM is going to be a game changer for you because it’s not just another ‘course’ that you’ll open once and forget about.


Together, we’ll be opening the doors to a whole new entertainment career that actually works FOR you, instead of you being a slave to it.


You’ll have access to our coaching, community, course content, calls and extra resources for as long as you need it to get the results you’re looking for.


And right now you can get access to the entire lot for one payment of just £1,600 (or for 4 monthly payments of £500, if that’s easier for you)


Just click below and you’ll get access to everything in a matter of minutes.

One-Time Payment

£ 1,600
  • Best Value (Save £400)
Best Value

Payment Plan

£ 500
  • 4x Monthly Instalments of £500

Full Disclosure...
MOMENTUM Is Not For Everyone


✅  Ambitious entertainers that are looking to build a sustainable business that actively helps them to live their dream lifestyle.


✅  Open-minded individuals that are prepared to get stuck in and do the work required.


✅  Good, fun people that have a real passion for their craft.


❌  People looking for help with their ‘act’ or making their show better. There’s other courses and Facebook Groups that can help you with that stuff.


❌  Anyone looking for a ‘Get Rich Quick’ scheme.


❌  Closed-minded fools that thrive off of criticising other people.


❌  Scam artists and spammers. We focus on building genuine relationships with people that we know, not pestering and desperately begging for gigs.

Look, We Know It’s Not Cheap.

But that’s because it WORKS.


We’ve already helped dozens of entertainers achieve some pretty remarkable things and we’re committed to doing the same for you.


BUT – you’re probably reading this thinking “Okay, this all sounds great, but will it actually work and help me book the gigs I want?”


Because of the success we’ve had with our current clients we’re prepared to put our money where our mouth is.


So here’s the deal…


If you do all of the work in the MOMENTUM programme and don’t make your money back in 90 days we’ll personally give you every single penny back!


That’s how confident we are with the MOMENTUM Programme.


Best Case Scenario: You make a profit in your first 90 days and have everything you need to continue to run a successful, profitable entertainment business.


Worse Case Scenario: You’ll be exactly as you are now, without a penny missing from your bank account.


How’s THAT for a fair deal?

Thanks for taking the time to read this page.


I can’t wait to work with you soon.


– Ashley Green


Founder of The Gig Hero

Host of The Gig Hero Podcast


Ah, welcome to the PS section.


In case you’re one of those people that skips straight to the end, here’s the deal:


We’re giving you access to our industry-leading programme that will help you raise your rates, stand out from the crowd and get more bookings.


It’s usually £2,000 but you can join us for just £1,600 (or 4x monthly payments of £500)


Still reading? That’s fair…


Okay, here’s the thing.


This is a very limited offer because we’re going to be increasing the price of the programme soon and we’ll likely be limiting the number of people that can join us each month.


I’m not sure exactly when or how much the programme will be, but given our track record and client results – we’re being told that it should cost A LOT more.


Moral of the story? Act now.


You’re completely covered by our 90-Day Money Back Guarantee and you’ll get instant access to EVERYTHING inside the programme.


Okay, this is getting silly now… I’m running out of stuff to tell you.


What I will say is this…


We are SO confident that this programme will be a game-changer for your life and business, that we’re prepared to do whatever it takes to make it work for you.


You’ve probably had that dream of making magic a sustainable career for the longest time and now you’ve got an opportunity to make it a reality.


All you have to do is make the decision to take it.


Don’t reject yourself from your dream.


How much longer are you going to keep saying “I’ll work on my business myself”?


How much longer are you prepared to wait for a successful career in the entertainment industry?


Hit the obnoxious big red button below to get yourself signed up.


You won’t regret it.


Most certainly!


Although we recommend you have some experience with paid performances, it’s definitely NOT a requirement.


In fact, one of our clients David was totally new to his magic business when he joined us.


In just a few short weeks, he followed our processes and secured a high-paying residency whilst also booking gigs for £1,600+.


Probably. The programme is going to be much more expensive later and you’ll probably even have to apply to join us inside…


… but that’s not really the point, is it?


You’re probably hesitant because you’ve been stung in the past by courses that promised the world but gave you very little.


MOMENTUM isn’t like that.


Our aim is to make MOMENTUM the greatest investment that you’ll ever make in your entertainment business.


We’re literally giving you the shortcut to your dream of making good money from your passion, without all of the hassle, struggle and wasted time, money and energy.


Plus, we’re covering you with our complete 90 Day Money-Back Guarantee so you can be sure that your investment isn’t wasted.


You just need to choose how soon you want to live out your dream.


We know it’s pricey, especially if you’re not earning a lot from your magic career right now.


That’s why we’ve got a secure payment plan to help ease the burden so you can get started today without having to pay the full amount.


PLUS we’ve even slapped on a hefty 90-Day Money Back Guarantee.


Because we’re confident that if you do the work you’ll make you’ll make more than your money back in the first 90 days.


You’ll either be making money inside MOMENTUM, or you’ll have all of your money back.


(NOTE: Less than 24 hours after John got started with MOMENTUM, he was able to leverage the programme and book a gig that he thought he’d lost. It’s fast.)

We totally understand that you’re busy.


That’s exactly why we meticulously designed MOMENTUM to be quick to consume and easy to implement.


In fact – our kick-ass client Oisin actually studied the MOMENTUM programme during the lunch break of his full-time job and still got incredible results.


You’ll have lifetime access to the programme so you can take it at your own pace and keep winning, even when your life gets busy.


(Because it definitely will)


Most likely, yes!


The MOMENTUM blueprint is a fully customisable framework that you can drag-and-drop into your entertainment business.


If you’re struggling with low conversions, inconsistent gigs or standing out on social media, we’ve got you covered.


We’ll build you a collection of highly desirable offers that help you stand out from the crowd and become a ‘no-brainer’ for your clients.


Next we’ll get you consistent leads coming in organically through your social media. No more stupid ‘Office For The Day’ selfies. We’ll give you the content that actually generates you leads.


Finally, you’ll get our complete framework to effortless sales calls and a bulletproof follow-up system that’ll get you bookings on autopilot.


If you need help with any of that stuff, MOMENTUM is the solution.


Let’s face it… networking is bollocks.


Gone are the days of schmoozy business meetings and swapping business cards.


MOMENTUM is all about building high-quality relationships, whilst growing your online presence in a way that will get you bookings.


No spam. No desperate DM’s. No problems.



90% of entertainers want to do (or are currently doing) ticketed events at some point in the future.


That’s why, when you join MOMENTUM today, you’ll get access to our incredible ‘Selling The Stage’ Masterclass.


In this mega 2hr 35min training, you’ll learn EVERYTHING you need in order to craft profitable ticketed events, whenever you’d like to host them.


Pair that with the principles, strategies and techniques inside MOMENTUM and you’ll take your magic career to a whole new height.

Look, we know your business is probably different to most people’s… but that doesn’t matter.


You see, Ashley actively uses this stuff himself for;


💍  Weddings

👔  Corporate Events

🎉  Private Parties

🎤  Stage Events


Our clients have used these strategies for;


🔮  Psychic House Parties

🎭  Theatre Performances

💍  ‘Alternative’ Weddings (a super-niche)

💻  Virtual Performances

(and others)


PLUS, Ashley also taught the exact process we use with his private clients in niches outside of magic too. He’s helped;


🏋️  Personal Trainers

👤  Coaches

🚗  Mechanics

📷  Photographers

(and a bunch more too!)


All using the exact same processes, to tremendous success.


Serious about joining but still not convinced that it’ll work for you?

Send us an email to and we’ll schedule a time to hop on Zoom and talk it all through with you.

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