Andi Gladwin | #121

In this episode, Andi joins Ashley to share his tried and tested approach for going pro in the magic career.

Going Pro and Building Multiple Income Streams

Andi Gladwin is the co-founder of Vanishig Inc., one of the largest magic companies in the world. He is a magician, speaker, author, and publisher.


He has performed all over the world at prestigious events such as in Washington, DC for President Obama’s Inauguration, the world’s most expensive private yacht, and more.


Andi has given keynote speeches at hundreds of conferences and has been featured on shows such as Penn & Teller: Fool Us (where he fooled them!), ITV’s Next Great Magician, and CW Channel’s Masters of Illusion.


His books, such as The Boy Who Cried Magic have become industry best sellers, and his card magic techniques such as The Master Pushoff and Undo Cut have been adopted by many of the world’s finest card magic experts.


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Discussed In This Episode:

  • [01:35] Andi’s Origin Story
  • [04:20] Steps To Going Pro
  • [08:05] Getting Gigs While Working A Day Job
  • [10:15] Does SEO Get You Good ROI?
  • [11:50] Leveraging Day Job To Improve Your Magic Career
  • [14:25] What Would Andi Do Differently Now?
  • [18:15] Importance Of Accountability Partners
  • [19:30] The Story Behind Vanishing Inc.
  • [21:10] How To Build Multiple Income Streams
  • [26:30] The Trick To Efficient Time Management
  • [30:00] Andi’s Process Of Goal Setting
  • [39:10] Andi’s Strangest Event
  • [44:00] A Message For Magicians From Andi

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