Creating Incredible Magic with Christian Grace | TSMP #054

Christian Grace is one of our FAVOURITE performers, a great friend and the creative genius behind the incredible tricks, LevelOne and Pluck (available at Vanishing Inc).


In this episode, you will join Aidan, Ashley and Christian Grace as they explore Christian’s creative process and philosophy behind creating incredible magic that leaves your audiences amazed.


We covered a lot of ground in this episode and we know that you’re going to love Christian’s approach and insights.


Let’s Get Stuck In!

Discussed In This Episode:

  • Christian’s Creative Process [04:22]
  • What Is Creativity? [07:55]
  • YOU ARE CREATIVE (And Here Is Why) [10:40]
  • Cristian’s Approach To Creating A Billet Switch [13:55]
  • What To Do When You Get Stuck On An Idea [14:47]
  • How To Keep Track Of Your Ideas [17:20]
  • Switching Off To Get MORE Creative [19:15]
  • The Importance Of Being Present In The Moment [24:33]
  • How To Know If An Idea Is Actually GOOD [26:33]
  • What Is Good Magic? [27:55]
  • How Can We Teach & Learn To Do Better Magic? [33:50]
  • Should Our Magic Appeal To Everyone? [35:50]
  • How To Choose The Right Methods [38:00]
  • Why Methods Shouldn’t Compromise Your Effect [46:48]
  • The Problems With The ‘Too-Perfect’ Theory [48:00]
  • SIMPLICITY: Using The ESSENCE Of A Trick To Make It Better [49:35]

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