Know Your Product | TSMP #055

Quick Question: What Are You ACTUALLY Doing As An Entertainer?

If you genuinely want to take your entertainment business to the next level, then you need to understand what it is that you actually offer.


If you know your product in CLEAR, VIVID DETAIL, you can stay relevant, serve your clients better, improve your shows, and earn higher fees.


Prepare to uncover some of the hidden truths within the entertainment industry and take your career to the next level.


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Discussed In This Episode:

  • What Does ‘Know Your Product’ Mean [01:01]
  • Events Are Unique – RESPECT THAT [03:20]
  • The Biggest Mistakes On Performers Websites [04:14]
  • The ONE THING That Will Drastically Improve Your Product [07:30]
  • How To Structure & Pitch Your Shows More Effectively [10:03]
  • The BEST Method To Identifying Your Clients’ Needs [12:27]
  • The Importance Of Making Your Products Relevant [14:08]
  • Adding Value By Going Beyond The Tricks [18:00]
  • Knowing Your Performance [19:35]
  • How To Set Your Fees Based On Your Product’s Value [21:28]
  • Market Research Is Your Best Friend [25:45]
  • Aidan’s Defining Moment That Helped To Shape His Product [29:47]
  • Making Financial vs. Product-Based Decisions [31:36]
  • Aidan’s TOP 3 STEPS to knowing your product better [35:25]
  • Ashley’s TOP 3 STEPS to knowing your product better [37:24]
  • Do The Work [40:24]

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