The Art of Magic with Nate Staniforth | TSMP #084

Diving DEEPER Into Your Relationship With Magic

Nate Staniforth is a magician, performer, artist, writer, magic creator and host of the ‘Everything But The Flame’ podcast.


For over a decade, Nate has toured the US college circuit as one of the busiest working magicians in the country.


He’s given a TEDx Talk, lectured at the world-famous Oxford Union, and in 2018 the Harry Potter-famed Bloomsbury Publishing released Nate’s debut memoir in bookstores worldwide.


Here is Real Magic (an Amazon Best Book of January 2018) follows Nate’s evolution from obsessed wunderkind to disillusioned wanderer, and tells the story of his rediscovery of astonishment—and the importance of wonder in everyday life—during a trip to the India, where he met a 3,000-year-old clan of street magicians.


In this episode, Nate joins Aidan and Ashley to explore the concepts, practices and mindsets that will help you deepen your relationship with your craft and become a better magician in the process.


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Discussed In This Episode:

  • [00:50] Everything But The Flame
  • [03:35] Become A Better Magician By Becoming A Better Artist
  • [07:30] The Importance Of Having A Big Vision
  • [09:00] The Biggest Problem With Magic Performances
  • [11:30] The Role Of Passion In Magic
  • [13:50] The Role Of Creativity In Magic
  • [18:33] The Importance Of Building Creative Practices
  • [21:42] Following Passions OUTSIDE Of Magic
  • [26:10] The “Magic As A Job” Mindset
  • [31:43] The Simplicity Behind Nate’s Performances
  • [35:20] Experimenting To Find Your Ideal Vision
  • [37:20] Failure As A Growth Tool
  • [39:26] A Fail Story From Aidan
  • [43:38] How Nate Uses ‘Risk’ As A Challenge
  • [46:15] A Final Message From Nate Staniforth

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