How Much Should You Charge? | TSMP #043

Mo' Money, Mo' Problems, Amirite?

Have you ever had questions about charging, what your fees should be or how much you want to earn?


In this episode, Aidan & Ashley will be dissecting some of the key mindsets and approaches surrounding the taboo subject of ‘money’ so that you can be much more confident with pricing your services.


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Discussed In This Episode:

  • How Much Should You Charge? [01:35]
  • Why Ashley Has 6X’d His Fee [06:06]
  • Are You Scared Of Money? [08:15]
  • Use Jamie D. Grant’s Model For Finding Your Charge[09:12]
  • Charging As A Beginner[14:15]
  • How To Stop Worrying When Quoting [17:00]
  • Should You Discount/ Drop Your Fees? [21:38]
  • Should You RAISE Your Fees In Certain Situations? [24:00]
  • The 4 Mindsets Of ‘Enough’ Money from The Psychology Of Money by Morgan Housel [28:06]

    1. The Hardest Financial Skill Is Getting The Goalpost To Stop Moving
    2. Social Comparison Is The Problem Here
    3. “Enough” Is NOT Too Little
    4. There Are Many Things Never Worth Risking, No Matter The Potential Gain

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