How To Get Your Business Questions Answered by Aidan & Ashley during Group Coaching Calls inside MOMENTUM

As you begin to streamline and grow your entertainment business inside MOMENTUM, building your Desirable Offers, generating Consistent Leads using strategies (like our Qualifying Posts) and crafting your Effortless Sales process, you’re going to have questions like:


– What should I do in THIS particular situation?

– How does this element work for my business, market or situation?

– What do you think I should do next?

– How can I make this thing work so much better?


And that’s why we host a Group Coaching call every single week, live on Zoom to get you the help that you need.


These sessions help you get unstuck and unlock pristine clarity, whilst growing your entertainment business – FAST.

What If I Have No Questions?

This is the BEST time for you to come along to these calls and catch up on the recordings from past sessions.


Let’s face it, one of the only reasons that you don’t have any questions is because you don’t know what you should be asking.


One of the most important takeaways that past attendees have for these live sessions, was hearing the answer to other people’s questions and situations.


Either because they’re struggling with that part themselves, or because it’s really useful to know going forwards.


Whether you’ve got questions or not – make sure to come along to the Group Coaching calls.


Sure enough, we’ll answer your questions and you’ll connect with other like-minded entertainers working on growing their business…


…but you’ll also be learning a whole lot more than what’s included inside the course content.

How Do I Ask Questions?

We make it really easy to ask your questions.


The best way is to join us on the live calls.


We host them every week and we’re mixing up the dates/times to make them even more accessible to those in different time zones.


(You can find this inside the Events tab in the MOMENTUM course feed)


The majority of people are familiar with the Zoom platform, so that’s the tool we use to host the calls.


It’s simple, easy and effective.


We also share a post each week for you to pre-submit your questions, just in case you can’t make it live and have pressing questions to ask.

What Can I Ask Questions About?



Well, almost anything.


If it’s directly related to an aspect of your entertainment business, you can ask us.


Perhaps you want to charge more, or move into a new market and you’re not sure how to do it?


Maybe it’s that you’ve seen someone else have a massive #WIN inside MOMENTUM, and you want to get those results for yourself?


We’ve had questions from productivity to pricing to sales and beyond – and that’s what these sessions are for.

What Do We Not Answer Questions About?

The main thing we DON’T talk about is your performances.


Partly because there’s enough Facebook Groups and forums for those conversations already…


…but also because it’s probably not the biggest thing blocking your business right now.


Instead, we’ll only be sharing the practical stuff that has an IMMEDIATE impact into your entertainment business.


(Improving your billet switch is NOT one of those things…)


Also, we don’t really talk about paid advertising.


MOMENTUM is designed to get you consistent leads organically, using social media marketing and networking techniques.


You literally do not need to pay for ads to grow your business – so we don’t talk about that.


Instead, you’ll get the simple and actionable stuff that WORKS.


We’re not wasting time here.

Can I Listen Back to Past Coaching Calls?

100% YES! 


Because these calls are incredibly valuable, whether you attend or not, we make sure to share the full recordings of these in the Table of Contents within the MOMENTUM Course.


Let’s get you the MOMENTUM that you deserve!



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