How To Automate Your Entertainment Business | TSMP #104

In this episode, Aidan and Ashley talk about simplifying the entertainment business through automation. They share the tools and apps which have saved them hours and hours of time.

Wanna save time whilst getting more done, on autopilot?

Too many entertainers are stuck wasting their time and energy, focusing on all of the stuff that doesn’t really matter. That’s where automation comes in.


It’s time for you to ditch the boring admin and the generic tasks that you don’t enjoy and let the robots and the technology do all of the heavy lifting instead.


In this episode, Aidan and Ashley talk about how they have been able to simplify their entertainment businesses through automation, so they can focus on the client-facing and money-making activities that genuinely matter.


You’ll also hear about the complete automation sequence that Aidan has built into his business that has been reliably turning cold traffic into video sales calls being booked in the diary, in under 15 minutes of the prospect landing on his website.


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Discussed In This Episode:

  • [00:35] What Does Automation Mean?
  • [01:50] Why You Should Automate The Business
  • [03:15] Tasks That Can Be Automated Easily
  • [06:15] Automation Is Not A Quick Fix Solution
  • [09:30] Aidan’s Approach To Automating His Business
  • [13:10] Scheduling Client Calls At The Click Of A Button
  • [15:35] Taking A Short-Term Dip For A Long-Term Gain
  • [18:20] Focus On The Money Making Tasks
  • [22:50] When You Should Not Automate

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