3 Unique Ways To Get A Residency | TSMP #108

Join Aidan and Ashley as they share real-life examples of how these 3 methods have helped them in securing residencies that they love performing at.

An Unconventional Approach To Land Your Dream Residency

Would you like to earn a steady income doing what you love? Bam! That’s where a residency comes to your rescue.


If you have struggled with landing a residency, this episode is a game-changer.


Age-old, traditional ways of booking residencies do not work because they don’t add value to the client’s life.


It is time to implement these 3 unique ways to stand out from the crowd, build a rapport, and secure a high-paying residency.


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Discussed In This Episode:

  • [00:35] Why You Should Get A Residency
  • [01:15] Conventional Ways To Book A Residency
  • [05:45] UNIQUE WAY #1
  • [08:00] A Balancing Act Between The Staff And The Clients
  • [10:30] How To Turn 1 Gig Into 3 Residencies
  • [14:35] UNIQUE WAY #2
  • [18:00] Don’t Spam; Give A Damn
  • [20:55] Sliding Into The DMs Without Being Creepy
  • [26:20] Inner Scoop Of The Venue
  • [32:00] UNIQUE WAY #3
  • [36:25] Do What You Love!

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