Who Are You? | Episode #005

Have you ever thought about that?

We’re not just talking surface-level either; do you REALLY know your character?


Because that’s what we’re discussing in this week’s episode!


Finding your performance character is NOT an easy task by any means, but it is definitely one of the most rewarding.


Join Ashley and Aidan as they discuss their own approaches to character development, the importance of a strong character and also some simple ideas for you to think about to get you started.


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Finding Your Character by Ashley Green


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3 thoughts on “Who Are You? | Episode #005

  1. Quick question about character: at some point during your performance do you explain how you got your powers (thus opening the door for questions/negating the opportunity for questions)? as in: “You know, people always ask us how we got started doing this…”

    1. This is a really GREAT question, RLee. I don’t think there’s a ‘right’ answer on this as it’s a blend of performance style, personal preference and other situational factors.

      In my personal experience, it’s often easier to NOT explain, and let the curious minds ask for more information. Being able to IMPLY a skillset/power is often more powerful than telling someone directly. For example, if you say ‘I have psychic abilities’, the most logical response is one of skepticism. But by implying it, your audience lets themselves into your mystery.

      At the time of writing this, I don’t do any ‘how I got into this’ type of routines. I haven’t seen them done in a non-cheesy way. I’d rather just tell the story, then move into the demonstration. After all, a good story can be equally as powerful than a trick/routine, perhaps even more so!

      We recorded a few episodes breaking down our approaches from a Psychic and Psychological perspective, and also how we use that to reveal information. Check out Episodes 013, 014, 015 for a mini-series breaking these down, if you’re interested in our approaches.

      Hope that helps!


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