How To Sell With Love with Jason Marc Campbell | TSMP #050

Join Aidan & Ashley for an incredible masterclass about how to sell and the art of Selling With LOVE from the phenomenal, Jason Marc Campbell.


In this episode, Jason (Author of Selling With Love) shares valuable tools, practical techniques and fundamental mindsets that will supercharge your sales in your entertainment business.


You’ll hear Jason discussing ideas such as the 4 emotions of sales and the 5 levels of love involved with sales, whilst also learning how to sell and actually apply these techniques and mindsets into your entertainment career. 


If you enjoyed this episode and want to grab Jason’s handy ‘Cheat-Sheet’ for these ideas, head over to his Instagram (@JasonMarcCambell) and tell him that Aidan & Ashley (The TSM Boys) sent you!


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Discussed In This Episode:

  • What ‘Sales’ Really Is [03:36]
  • Why Sales Is A Fundamental Skill You NEED [05:35]
  • How To Get Started With Sales [08:00]
  • The Importance Of Your First Sales Experience [10:11]
  • Identifying With Your Role Models [15:00]
  • Overcoming The Fear of Rejection [18:20]
  • Ego & The Fear-Pride Paradox [22:10]
  • Taking Responsibility & The Rational Sabotage [22:10]
  • What Selling With Love Means [30:55]
  • Loving The IMPACT [33:00]
  • HOW TO 10X YOUR FEE (Loving The PRODUCT) [40:12]
  • Why Jason Phoned A Client 27 Times (And You Should Too) [47:38]
  • Loving The PROCESS of Sales [45:18]
  • Loving The BUYER (Understanding Your Clients) [55:30]
  • Closing Words From Jason [59:30]

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